Stanislav Belyaev

To teach and grow engineering people

Senior engineering manager Microsoft
— till now

Spearheaded the maintenance of one of the largest Azure DevOps instances globally; managed build performance, permissions, compliance, release security, and overall engineering satisfaction for 2000+ people.

  • Led a highly experienced team of 4 engineers.
  • Making yearly strategies for the team based on customer needs, perceiving the main goal – to boost productivity and enhance the developer experience.
  • We thoroughly evaluated the current CI/CD processes used across the entire organization and detected some performance issues. Consequently, we initiated a project that involved migrating to a new build template, and the outcome was an impressive two-fold increase in build performance.
  • Given the organization’s size, it was not always clear who had ownership of the artifacts on the ADO instance. However, we came up with robust processes that enabled us to identify abandoned resources, archive them, or reclaim ownership.
  • As a result, the engineering team’s satisfaction with the build performance has significantly improved by an impressive 20% over the past 1.5 years.
Principal group engineering manager Tochka Bank

In my role, I confidently developed and executed a comprehensive IT strategy for the team and the core engineering team of 20 highly skilled engineers. As an IT leader, I oversaw the software development process for the entire company’s product team.

My accomplishments include the following:

  • Led a successful transformation of the engineering team’s organizational structure, optimizing service development and introducing a teamlead position, which resulted in improved communication with businesses and increased satisfaction among engineers.
  • Oversaw the seamless migration of over 300 services from virtual machines to a private cloud based on Kubernetes, Grafana, and Elastichsearch. As a result, it reduced infrastructure costs by up to 20%.
  • Designed an efficient assessment process to evaluate knowledge and promote growth among engineers, which up to 300 engineers successfully passed.
  • My impact was further felt as I launched a highly effective practice of conducting onboarding courses for new co-workers and rotation practice for others.

Tochka is the biggest online bank for SMEs over CIS. The company has an incredible culture based on Holacracy and 600 staff dedicated to IT and software development.

Dev ops teamlead SKB Lab

I took charge of forming a DevOps team and executing DevOps practices in our organization. With the task of recruiting and guiding a group of three engineers, I skillfully introduced DevOps tools to the development teams and revamped our communication protocols with the parent company that supplied computing resources.

Here are some of my key accomplishments:

  • Successfully launched a monitoring system for a product that utilized Zabbix, ELK-stack, and Grafana.
  • Implemented CI/CD processes for various teams and their applications.
  • Significantly decreased hardware operational support costs by automating deployment and transferring responsibility to teams, resulting in a 10-fold reduction in expenses.
  • Organized the collection of real-time business metrics for our main app, providing valuable insights into user behavior.

SKB Lab is a fintech firm that designs an online bank catering to its primary customer,, through mobile and web applications.

Engineering manager Kontur

Kontur.Accounting (htps:// is a Cloud Accounting Platform for SMEs. I led a team of 5 engineers, conducted customer surveys, managed sprint and release planning, and coordinated multiple teams for successful releases. I spearheaded the development of a process to attract outsourced development teams and resolved communication and development process problems within a 50-member team.

My efforts resulted in improved communication with users and a 4-point increase in the product’s NPS metric over a 6-month period.

Head of the software integration department HOST LLC

I successfully managed a team of up to 25 employees and closely collaborated with the sales and marketing team on pre-sale activities.

My primary focus was on expanding our main business directions, which included Integration Solutions, Business Process Management, Business Intelligence, Corporate Portal Solutions, and Enterprise Software Development. To achieve this, I confidently utilized IBM products such as WebSphere Integration Bus, MQ, Cognos, and BPM. Additionally, I adeptly hired project managers, engineers, and analysts and skillfully negotiated with customers on a top management level. To ensure transparency within the department, I established a monthly reporting meeting to discuss achievements, current results, and plans. I also expertly analyzed annual budget plans and set KPIs for our directions.

Project manager HOST LLC

Key achievements:

  • Revitalization of a dying project, restoration of relations with the Customer’s specialists and successful completion. With planned completion dates of 6 months, actually completed in 7 (business intelligence system based on IBM Cognos);
  • Scaled the direction of “Integration”. I had trained specialists to manage projects: Project Manager, System Analyst, Developers. The result is the successful implementation of the finished product in up to 8 new customers (Banking sector) in 4 months.
  • Managed a teams of 5 engineers and analytics in direct report.
  • Contributed to each project delivery phase (sales, design, development, test, ops) in different roles. Another role was a pre-sale architect and I worked with the sales team. I developed integration solutions for banks based on IBM products, such as IBM Integration Bus, WebSphere MQ and IBM BPM.
System analyst HOST LLC

I was promoted from Software Developer.

  • Identifying the customer needs and requirements
  • Collecting and describing technical requirements, designing process charts, and test cases.
  • Specifying detailed description for developers
  • Set up Scrum process inside the team and scaled it for all department’s projects.
  • Groomed the tasks and set them to the development team

Realized projects for enterprise customers

  • Customers’ portal for a grid company, based on Liferay 6 and IBM Integration Bus (IBM WebSphere Message Broker). Organized collection accounting data from distributed among the area systems
  • Implemented an Enterprise Service Bus based on IBM WebSphere MQ and IBM Integration Broker for a bank.
Software developer HOST LLC

.Net Software Developer. Had worked to customize MS Dynamics CRM for the company’s sales requirements. Developed an internal system to process employees’ demands for the monetary compensation and planning budgets. Maintained the company’s corporate portal, based on MS Sharepoint.

Technology stack: C#, MS SQL Server, MS Dynamics CRM, MS SharePoint 2007-2010. Recognized as a Microsoft Certified Professional.