Stanislav Belyaev

Empowering Teams, Advancing Engineering


As a seasoned Engineering Leader, I bring a robust portfolio of skills in software development, system design, and team leadership. My hands-on experience spans across building sophisticated engineering systems and core platforms, coupled with a strong focus on developing and mentoring teams. I have effectively led and managed teams of up to 25 members, directly overseeing their progress and contributions.

My influence extends beyond team management to shaping IT strategy and software development methodologies for a diverse engineering staff of 300. For a detailed overview of my professional journey and accomplishments, I invite you to review my CV. Additionally, you can stay updated with my insights and perspectives by subscribing to my Newsletter.

In the realm of education and coaching, I have amassed extensive knowledge in management. Mentored over 500 students at Yandex Practicum, authored “Project Manager in IT” course curriculum, which was acknowledged by the management. The experience I gained as a Senior Lecturer at Ural Federal University has further amplified my dedication to fostering talent, and the outputs I developed during that time are a testament to this commitment. As a leader in the Qazaqstan Community of Project Managers (, I contribute my expertise and regularly engage in speaking engagements at various conferences (details are here, and the latest one at Nordic DevOps Days). My diverse experience equips me with the necessary leadership skills and technical acumen to excel as a Head of Engineering or Director of Engineering.

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My values

These are the principles that I strongly adhere to:

  • Autonomy is key: Engineers and teams must have complete freedom to take charge of their work, leading to remarkable achievements.
  • Distributed authority is necessary: Prompt decision-making should be a shared responsibility and not restricted to one individual.
  • Our processes must be effortless: There should be no delays or queues, and we must always strive for perpetual improvement.
  • Team education and growth are my responsibility: I am dedicated to devising and discovering processes that promote continuous learning and personal productivity improvement for all engineers.

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You can reach me by email at You can also connect with me on LinkedIn.