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AI and Project management

Well, AI, and Chat GPT in particular cases, are hot topics, and many people try to adopt the technology to every subject they know.

I ran into HBR article on this topic and anticipated finding another 10+ cases of how to use Chat GPT, but luckily, I was mistaken.

What do they suggest there? I would like to highlight these ideas:

  • Automate reporting on the project’s current status and automatically distribute it across stakeholders (funny, if the stakeholders will be using AI for feedback providing :))
  • Not just automate composing it, but do it based on the current status rather than a staled state with weekly overdue.
  • Risk management and designing plans for its mitigation (it is evident).
  • Providing templates and boilerplate structure for a doc.
  • Prioritize projects based on their ready-to-launch status and avoid human biases on that decision.

Not all of them are obvious, and I’m happy about that. HBR predicts it will happen by 2030, and 80% of all project routines will be automated.

That’s impossible, at least widely implemented. Today, multiple projects are carried on without automated systems, just with Excel and mail clients. Companies must invest in their automation and cultural transformation before applying AI to their day-in and day-out work to achieve this number.

And the authors have tried to assure the reader that the Project Manager role will still be needed. Someone still needs to ask a proper question to Chat GPT, do a canvas for a project, and put initial numbers into the plan :) PMs might feel safe :)

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