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3 Managers’ Meetups I Organized This Year!

This year in the managers’ community we managed to hold 3 offline meetups! Even though I was far away, with Moldyr’s help everything worked out!

And as a result of the three events, I am more convinced of the need to continue organizing such events, because:

  • All places are taken within 1 hour! For the second meetup, places were taken in 40 minutes :) For me, this indicates that people are tired of online, they predominantly value live meetings with people.
  • At each meetup, I discover new and interesting speakers! They become active participants in our community and strengthen it.
  • The attendance of events, despite being on weekdays or weekends, and ending late, is 60-80%. That’s a high indicator!
  • Speaking of Kazakhstan (where the meetups were held), where some relocations from Russia have come and stayed, a great situation is emerging: in Kazakhstan there is a demand for knowledge, professional meetings, and relocations are seeking a platform and trying to integrate into the community. It seems like a perfect match :)
  • A frequency of once every two months so far seems comfortable: no fatigue from organizing, speakers are ready to perform again, and guests are not tired of the information received.
  • One of the latest discoveries - companies would like to join and participate, achieving their own marketing goals (this was not initially anticipated, it’s a pleasant bonus).

Next year we will continue to hold community meetings. Among the ideas we have are to expand, bring more organization to the meetings (timing is our weak spot - there’s a lot we want to tell in a limited time), discover new speakers, and experiment with the format (not just stories and lectures).

The main thing is to keep the interest alive :)

Look at how it was the last time!

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